Double yellowlegs


Hi Everyone and welcome to the FluffyZone! My name is Marcin and I'm a wildlife photographer and a scientist currently living in Middle Island on Long Island. I grew up in Poland in a beautiful Royal City of Cracow which is tremendous place if you want to photograph architecture but not so nice if you're more into wildlife or nature. I always wanted to become cancer researcher so after finishing my studies I moved to United States to do PhD in molecular biology. I spent six wonderful years in Stony Brook University on Long Island learning new techniques and having a lot of fun with my experiments. This was a great time but I was working a way too hard and in order to get some exercise I decided to start hiking. Soon I found that it was a great way to relax so I was hiking more and more.

One day I visited Sunken Meadow Park. This was a beautiful summer afternoon, maybe an hour before sunset and I just climbed down the hill near the river. Water and sky were deep blue, grass stood emerald green and the sand was like in fire under the setting sun. Suddenly I heard a rustle of wings and great egret landed in the water just several feet away from me. I have never seen wild egret before and never from such a close distance. It was prancing gracefully in the evening light, sometimes stopping by to pick the fish or to preen its feather. It was one of the most beautiful views I have seen in my life. Suddenly I felt that I just have to capture this beauty that is so overwhelmingly charming and that is so close to me. It was simply too magnificent to let it go...

Well, this is how it all started. Before I had never been taking any pictures, I did know nothing about photography and frankly speaking I was pretty happy with my ignorance. Well, who cares? I just bought camera and lens and I started to hunt the beauty that was around me. Obviously I had no idea how to do it so I had to learn everything by myself. Sometimes it was painful, sometimes annoying and sometimes disappointing. But it's always been a lot, a lot of of fun.

So here's the FluffyZone, my photographic tribute to the fluffy or not-so-much-fluffy wild inhabitants of Long Island and New York State. Hope you will enjoy it. Have fun and don't hesitate to leave a comment, remark or criticism.

Wish you all a great time here and let there be light for all of us!

If you are interested in purchasing or using any photos feel free to contact me at mstawowczyk82@gmail.com